Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park

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Thank you for visiting the Chimney Rock e-Store. Tickets do not have to be purchased online. They can always be purchased at our Ticket Plaza upon arrival using your credit/debit card or cash, but we realize that some people like to purchase their tickets in advance. If you are the plan-ahead type, then this is this page is for you. Please keep in mind that all discounts must be processed at the Ticket Plaza, and you will need to present your receipt to an attendant at the Ticket Plaza to be admitted into the Park.

*Please note that we cannot accept international cards for online purchases at this time. If you are an international guest, please purchase your tickets at our Ticket Plaza when you arrive.

*Certain browsers may not allow our online ticketing platform to function properly, including Internet Explorer and some Windows browsers. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for best results. If you do not use these browsers, please purchase your tickets here in the Park upon arrival.